You live for the passport stamps, the locals, and the vast scenery. And you've got holiday snaps for Africa (literally). 

Any one of the bounty of friends you've made along the way would be thrilled to hear you were coming to crash on their couch (this Saturday).

You love (hard) and are incredibly loved in return.

But occasionally, when you land in a city for the first time (or back on home soil), you can't help but feel a little, well... lonely.

(Especially when you're still groggy from the flight, searching for your hostel in the pouring rain, and need to catch the train super early the next morning. It can be a bit overwhelming, right?)

You just need a hug, a cry, and a reminder that this shit is what you LIVE more. Reliving all the good times you've had is sure as shit going to outshine your soggy hand-drawn map any time, girl. 


This. Is. Your. Reminder. 

This is your sacred keepsake of that precious moment with your favourite people, in your favourite place on Earth. 

This is your happy place. 

Wear it to remind yourself. Wear it to inspire others. To incite conversation. To envelop the calm when you touch it. 

To know you belong.


Why jewellery? I've always had a love for jewellery and made costume jewellery for a long time. And well, trinkets and souvenirs? They just don't do it for us, right? We travel light, so there's no point stuffing our suitcases (and homes) with novelty clutter, just to keep up that vacation-y feeling (and think of the dust *shudder*). 


Also - fun fact; when we had our belongings stolen on our Canadian O.E., I lost most of my jewellery, so I only had what I was wearing left. So with that in the back of my head, I wanted to create something durable and versatile enough to wear everyday and with any outfit. It also needed to be simple and modern - a classic, clean-lined piece that would quickly become my go-to favourite (perfect for travelling ;) ).


And the codes? The travel industry (I used to be a travel agent too) uses 3-letter IATA codes to identify cities and airports (and 2-letters for countries). Some of them are obvious, and some a bit more obscure, so they seemed perfect for fellow travelly-minded folk. 



One of my favourite travel memories?

Scuffing leaves and winding our way through Central Park, I pull my hood up to cover my ears. It's pretty fresh out, even though the sun streaks through the branches. I guess that's what you get for hitting the East Coast in late October (We hadn't noticed before, but when we got to the hostel, there were decorations littering the foyer - "oh yea! Halloween, of course"!).

So after sniffing out freshly cooked pretzels and scoping out Belvedere Castle, we stumble across (as in, almost trip over) a lobster. Wait, lobster? Yep, a Dachshund dressed as a lobster. Holy crap, best Halloween costume ever!

Though, being NYC, it probably wouldn't be too out of place for any other time of year, either...

Central Park, New York