Only an Adventurer Necklace (Classic)

Only an Adventurer Necklace (Classic)

Her name was Rosie.

She had a thing for Science. And Sea Turtles.

That’s how we met.

I hadn’t planned to visit there, although I had heard about it.

But when my 3 day trek was postponed due to bad weather further up, I found myself moping about the hostel, scouring the pinboard for something to keep me occupied for the next couple of days.

I was about to half-heartedly sign up for a full-day coffee tour, when I heard from behind me - “Did you know that female turtles can store the male’s sperm for years and can nest more than once without mating again”?

As I turned, with what could have possibly been THE most startled/confused/intrigued expression in all history, I was greeted with a messy but perfectly suited bun piled on top of her head, and huge eyes behind burgundy rimmed glasses, with a grin to match. She reached out her hand before I had a chance to respond (or close my mouth) “Hi! I’m Rosie. We’re heading out tonight to see them, wanna come”?

Well, long story short; I ended up staying on, skipping the trek and volunteering with her in a few places for another 5 months before we decided to head home together. We go back every year to check on the wee guys we helped hatch and release. It’s become our second home.

Country: Costa Rica

Capital city: SJO - San Jose

Closest airport: NOB - Nosara Beach Airport


A simple relic. A coy symbol. A deep story.


The classic Only an Adventurer city code necklace, in solid sterling silver (925), is a modern, minimalist reminder of your most treasured place on Earth. 

This perfect "cover all bases" necklace is ideal for travelling, as it matches everything in your *ahem* neatly folded pack. You don't need to worry about taking a different necklace for each outfit, as this piece seamlessly glides from casual to sophisticated with each wardrobe change.

You get to choose the 3-letter city code and the colour of the engraving, to create a unique, special piece of jewellery, set to quickly become your favourite, go-to piece.

The chain is the classic and elegant round belcher (rolo) style, and you can choose the length, starting at 50cm (20").

Standard: 50cm/20" length

Long: 60cm/24" length

Extra long: 76cm/30" length

Weight: Medium - 0.29cm/0.114" diameter links, medium weight

Pendant: Large disc - 2cm/0.78"

(Heavy chain will be available again soon)

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